Monastery Frenswegen, discussion

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Monastery Frenswegen, discussion: ‘Urban planning in the 21th Century’

Event for architects, stagediscussion at the Monastery Frenswegen, Nordhorn (Germany)

Theme: “Cityscape Distinctive architecture in the 21st century, Sustainable urban development and architectural strategies for urbanization”

Dipl. Ing Uda Visser discussed with other dedicated architects the urban landscape defining architecture of the 21st century in Frenswegen monastery, Nordhorn
Organized and invited by Deppe, a dedicated german ceramic company,

December 2, 2014

Moderator: Dipl. Ing. Thomas Knüvener
Speakers  :
– Prof. Dr. Ing. Lutz Beckmann, Jade Hochschule, Oldenburg
– Prof. Gesche Grabenhorst, ahrens & grabenhorst, Hannover
– Prof. Christoph Mäckler, TU Dortmund
– Dipl. Ing. Uda Visser, architect, Amsterdam