THE GUESTHOUSE | Anzere, CH 2016

The Guest House

With magnificent views and striking architecture ‘Villa Anzere’,  is an eye catcher in the village. The possibility for a second house or lodge on the adjacent plot poses the question what one needs more than what’s already offered in the villa?

Should it be an addition to the villa? Or an independant house? This was the main question of  our commission. We choose for a small and affordable extra guesthouse, next but independent to the existing house.

Searching for a design that does not try to compete with the existing house in terms of architectural presence and language, but that does use similar architectural gestures in order to create a different spacial experience and atmosphere. Where the existing chalet is grand and fully oriented towards the Alpine panorama, the guesthouse is intimate, warm and confined. It relates more to an inhabited barn or a mountain hut; relaxed and naturally integrated in the landscape.

An intricate section creates spaces at different levels, connected by one long staircase, following the slope of the landscape. In this way the slope is always present and experienced inside the house from front to back.

A spaceous terrace is cut out of the landscape,  Offering a space to relax, sit in the sun, protected by the retaining wall which incorporates an outdoor fireplace. We can envision a hot tub being part of the outdoor area where one can enjoy a hot bath on a crisp winter day.

The plan layout is compact with two bedrooms, one on the lower level and one at entrance level , a bathroom, toilet and a dining / living room with kitchen around a fireplace. Like a small jewel.



Year: 2016

Client: undisclosed

Size: 90 m2

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