• BSH 01 | AMSTERDAM, NL 2017

BSH 01

In collaboration with Frantzen et al we are currently designing a 9 storey apartment block with flexible lofts in Amsterdam North, in the Buiksloterham Area. This area is in transition from an industrial zone to a sustainable living and working environment with more than 3000 apartments being built in the coming ten years.

The municipality does not work with a predefined urban plan and phasing for the Buiksloterham, allowing for a flexible development into a mixed urban area over time. This means that new buildings sometimes pop up between warehouses, empty plots, parking lots and industrial buildings. This is also the case for our site. How does one create residential quality between these urban extremes?

As the future quality of the direct surroundings is uncertain, even to the extent that we don’t know if the site is to be on a corner or in a row, the building itself should rely on a strong character and a specific identity in order to provide attractive residential quality. At the same time it should be flexible enough to be able to react to changing circumstances and accommodate apartment sizes and types depending on market development.

The design of BSH-01 combines a simple prefabricated concrete shell structure with with a specific but flexible facade design that can accommodate change over time without compromising it’s strong identity. A system of staggered balconies and dividing walls creates a series of warmly materialised outdoor ‘rooms’ which combined compose a strong graphic character for the building. The rugged character of the site is taken as an advantage. Appealing to a certain pioneering spirit of future residents we propose a design that is rough and solid but at the same time delicate and refined in quality.


Design: MEESVISSER and Frantzen et al.

Year: 2017

Status: DO

Client: de Berg Investments

Programme: residential and commercial

Size: 3400 m2

Design team: Marijn Mees, Uda Visser, Tom Frantzen

with Teresa Avella, Boris Popma, Kim Wandel and Karel van Eijken

Renderings: MEESVISSER

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