SHORT STAY TOWER | Amsterdam, NL 2014-2015


For a site in Amsterdam we developed a scheme for a short-stay apartment tower with commercial facilities in the tower base. The complex site conditions with limitations regarding noise and orientation lead to a slender slab with a distinct L-shaped silhouette. The tapered floor plan exaggerates the perspective of the tower profile. By staggering the facade we create noise-free openable facades for the apartments together with a unique expressive identity for the building as a whole. Collective functions for the short stay are placed in the tower base around a patio. A roof garden offers a green retreat from the busy urban surroundings.

The apartments are accessed through an enclosed gallery on the north side of the block. Three sizes of apartments fit within the construction grid: small, medium and large. Various plan-infills have been studied. The project is currently in review by the client. More information will follow soon.


Design team: Marijn Mees, Geurt Holdijk (House of Architects) & Andrike Dollen (Atelier ROAD)

Year: 2014-2015

Status: study

Client: undisclosed

Programme: short-stay apartments, commercial facilities

Size: 16.200 m2

Budget: € undisclosed

Renderings: Marijn Mees

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