VILLA CURIE, Amsterdam | NL 2016

Villa Curie

For an existing bungalow, built in the 70’s, MEESVISSER has been asked to develop an open and spacious floor plan. During the last 20 years a lot of add-on’s to the house were realized, which made the original spatial organization and quality hard to experience. Also by maximising the volume over the last decades, the house became darker with many small rooms which made the house feel enclosed.

Daylight should enter deep into the house again. The atmosphere should be friendly and welcoming but still respecting privacy of the owner to a maximum. We introduced a patio in the core of the bungalow, bringing in a new source of daylight for the main spaces, at the same time acting as a new focal point for the floor plan. Around this light intimate space we organised the rooms with long views from ‘one side’ of the house, through the patio, to ‘the other side’ of the house adding an experience of depth and structuring the floor plan in a new way.

The existing bungalow was built in typical 70’s style. Later it was extended to the west and north side, doubling the existing floor area. The one story high building is shielded by green making it hardly visible from the street.



Year: 2016-

Status: ongoing

Client: undisclosed

Programme: private villa

Size: 250 m2

Design team: Marijn Mees and Uda Visser

with Teresa Avella

Renderings: MEESVISSER

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