Villa van Gendt, Academie van bouwkunst


Project: Villa van Gendt, high income housing, P3B housing

Tutor at the Academie van Bouwkunst Amsterdam together with Tom Frantzen, 2014

9 second year students presenting their work during the midpresentation at the academie. The project

Theme: “When we think of superb housing we often dream of villas. Architectural history consists of many famous villas, often the most well known works of their architects. Villas are the laboratory experiments of architects where they design spatial manifestos. In the city however where space is limited, the villa dreams of dwellers have to be compressed to fit in the urban context. In this project we will not compress the villa in size but we will stack villas on top each other and combine them to fit in a limited space. We will not wake up from the villa dreams.

Our high income dwellers want to have it all, the villa and the city. They want a lot of space and they want to feel satisfied in their individual need of quality while using collective space. At the same time they want to live in the turbulent context of the city.

The site is located in Oostenburg, a former harbour island in the central east district of Amsterdam. In the near future the Van Gendt sheds will be redeveloped. …”