• MEESVISSER: a new adventure!

    How to create a good mix? We will find out along the way!

  • Interior Patch 22

    We designed one of the interiors for unit 17 in the building ‘Patch 22′ in Amsterdam North, designed by Frantzen et al.

  • Canal House Souvenirs

    A souvenir set of canal houses, made from off-cuts of a wood workshop. Project in collaboration with Kees Pet

  • WZNH news

    Uda Visser has recently been appointed as a member of the ‘CRK Den Helder’, the municipal committee advising on building and spatial quality. For more information see

  • New office: KBF lab

    We recently moved into our new office space in the ‘Kauwgomballenlab’ in Overamstel. You’re welcome for a cup of coffee at Willem Fenengastraat 2Y.

  • New project: farmhouse Amerongen

    We just finished the sketch design for a house in an old farm in Amerongen. The house was built in 1778 and is listed as a national heritage monument.

  • Loop Lounger Prototype

    The first prototype of the Loop Lounger is finished. It’s a comfortable lounge chair with a strong graphic quality, inspired by ’50s Scandinavian design. We’re currently working on some improvements in order to bringing the chair in production. The prototype was made by Zsolt Kamaras.

  • Publication: DEZEEN

    Our Kea Boumanstraat house was featured on magazine today. Read the article here.

  • Extension Holendrechtstraat

    We are working on an extension in the backyard of a ground floor apartment in the Rivierenbuurt in Amsterdam. Three extra rooms with different functions and different requirements are needed. The idea: a house for everyone with it’s own character

  • Publication: Elle Decor

    Our Kea Boumanstraat house was featured again. You can have a look at ELLE DECOR. Read the article here.

  • Autumn meeting WZNH

    The autumn meeting of WZNH is traditionally a pleasant gathering for advisors, the board and employees. This year the meeting focused on the future of WZNH and the 100-year anniversary in 2016. Uda Visser joined the meeting as member of

  • Competition: Hamburg runner up

    We came in second with our competition proposal for Hafen City in collaboration with Tom Frantzen (Frantzen et al). We developed a scheme for a highly sustainable housing block for a collective ‘baugruppe’. The brief asked for an innovative, sustainable and family friendly building for 28 households, with wood as it’s main building material. (project page)

  • Projects 2015

    In the first eight months in the existence of our partnership we have been busy talking, sketching, researching, studying, rendering, calculating, drawing and thinking. Doing as architects do, really. We’re very proud of the result we achieved in reasonably short

  • Tender Veemarkt Utrecht

    Together with SYNCHROON, METABOLIC and DELVA Landscape we designed an ambitious residential project in Utrecht. Sustainability and a circulair economy were the central themes of this tender submission. Through co-commissioning future residents have a substantial influence on the design of the houses, which leads to a versatile over-all design of the housing block. (project page)

  • Publication: Kea Boumanstraat

    Our design for Kea Boumanstraat has been published in Detail magazine edition 2016/01.

  • New project: Vrijheidslaan

    We just finished the sketch design for the merging of three separate units into one new generous apartment in an old ‘Amsterdam school’ apartment building from the 20’s.

  • Update: North Orleans

    The interiors of 120 rooms in the North Orleans project in Amsterdam Noord have been finished recently. Soon the new tenants will move in.

  • North Orleans logo

    MEESVISER designed the brand-identity, logo and website for 120 ‘fully equipped designer rentals’ in Amsterdam North, a project envisioning a new interpretation of the traditional New Orleans facade. For the same project we are designing the interiors of the apartments.

  • Projects 2016-1

    A roundup of the projects we worked on during the first six months of 2016. We have been fortunate to work with a wide range of clients, including Lingotto, Dura Vermeer, Van Wijnen and Cordaan. Also we have been intensifying

  • New project: Short Stay Sloten

    For developer Lingotto we designed a building containing 30 short-stay apartments. The site is located on a prominent corner of the old village of Sloten, part of Amsterdam, but with it’s own identity which is actively guarded by the current

  • Lab#2 Sluisbuurt

    Architecture center Amsterdam, Arcam, organized a design studio on the topic micro apartments in Amsterdam. Commissioned by housing cooperation Ymere and De Key and developers AM and Synchroon, MEESVISSER participated in the research into the potential for this emerging international

  • Publication: North Orleans in Parool

    A review of the North Orleans project for which we designed the interiors of the rooms. Read the full article here.

  • Publication: Kea Boumanstraat

    Recent publication of Kea Boumanstraat in Eigen Huis & Interieur with photo’s of Sonja Velda.

  • Update: Villa Curie under construction

    Construction has started on Villa Curie in Badhoevedorp. A complete overhaul will turn this dark house into a light filled villa entered around a glass patio.

  • Win: Frans Hals Museum

    Together with SO-IL from New York we won the competition for the renovation of the two locations of the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem. Starting in 2018 the Hallen Haarlem and Frans Hals Museum will be integrated into one museum

  • New project: Frequin headquarters

    For branded video content production company FREQUIN we designed a flexible and sustainable office building. The building provides space for their own headquarters, additional rentable spaces for other companies in the creative industry, parking and a camera shop on the ground floor. (project page)

  • Win: Buiksloterham

    We won the competition for an apartment block with 100 small apartments for starters on the housing market and holders of a refugee status permit. Client is the housing cooperation Ymere that is committed to helping to integrate these new

  • Competition: Hamm Kanalkante

    We submitted our competition proposal for the Hamm Kanalkante competition. The proposal for the City of Hamm, located along the river Lippe, laces up the historic inner city with the new and proposed canal front quarter. The design was made in collaboration with Bureau B+B urbanism and landscape architecture.

  • New project: Wisselspoor Utrecht

    MEESVISSER has been selected by developer Synchroon as one of three architects for the first phase of Wisselspoor in Utrecht. Together with Space Encounters and Zecc we will fill in the master plan made by Studioninedots and Delva Landscape architects.

  • Update: Short Stay Sloten

    The building application for the short stay apartment building in Sloten has been submitted.

  • Update: Boerejongens.

    The building application for the renovation of the former office building along the Basisweg (Boerejongens) has been approved by the municipality. Construction will start soon.

  • Study: windmills 21st. century

    A research into a new type of windmill: contemporary, self-sufficient and an addition to the landscape. (project page)

  • Update: KBF atrium

    The building permit for the KBF-atrium has been submitted. We are currently focussing on working out the complex geometry of the steel construction in a BIM-model. The steel will be prefabricated, followed by a trial-assembly in the factory to make before construction on site.

  • Update: BSH plot 4a

    We have finished the first phase of the design of Buiksloterham kavel 4a for Ymere. This phase mainly focussed on finding the right mix of programme and studying various options for the layout of the compact apartments. This involves the design of smart and compact built-in furniture for optimal use of the minimal available space.

  • Study: waterwonen

    In collaboration with DELVA landscape, we conducted a spatial study into the possibilities of a modular urban principle for living on water, informed by organisational systems of informal water-bound villages in Lagos, historical water cities Venice and Amsterdam, but also the aesthetical quality of floating icebergs and waterlilies. (project page)

  • New Project: Prinses Margrietstraat

    We have been commissioned to design a large free standing villa on a beautiful site in Amsterdam Zuid. The main question: can you design a house with the typical ’20’s feel and attention to detail? Ever since, we have been

  • Study: Christelijk Lyceum Veenendaal

    Commissioned by Stichting Mevrouw Meijer we conducted a study into several scenarios for the renovation and expansion of a typical sixties school building in Veenendaal (project page). Parallel to the research project we joined forces with de Architecten CIE to enter the European tender for the commission of the project.

  • Share office space?!

    We’re moving into a new ad very spacious office in De Kauwgomballenfabriek in Amsterdam Overamstel. Interested in sharing space with us? Drop us a line:

  • Update: KBF-atrium

    Next to the factory of the steel production company Evers Staalbouw the construction of the KBF-atrium has been mounted to test the geometry. With a few hard hammer blows everything fit together and will be made ready for assembly on-site.

  • New project: Fluor

    We have been commissioned by Dura Vermeer to join the design team for the infill of the new urban plan for Haarlem Schalkwijk Midden. The ambition is to create a ‘city between the trees’ that offers a quiet, green and

  • New office space

    Our new office space in De Kauwgomballenfabriek is taking shape. The former Maple Leaf factory and later artist studios are currently transformed into a light and open office space. We’re expecting moving in by July.

  • On site: KBF atrium

    The steel construction the KBF Atrium has been assembled on site. Fits like a glove!

  • Study: hostel

    In collaboration with Tom Frantzen (Frantzen et al) we conducted a feasibility study into the transformation of an old factory building into a hostel with 125 prefabricated wooden rooms and adjacent facilities for staff, clients and visitors. We’re awaiting a follow-up.

  • Update: Wisselspoor

    The detail design of Wisselspoor phase one has been finished recently. The project’s materialisation is coming together nicely in a palette of steel, brick and concrete. Our part of the project consists of 12 single family houses, a block with three large apartments and a block with 31 small studios.

  • Study: Weespertrekvaart Oost

    Commissioned by the municipality of Amsterdam MEESVISSER made an architectural design for a 7500sqm block within a new masterplan for Weespertrekvaart. The aim of the study was to test the proposed urban and architectural regulations, find loopholes and make proposals

  • On site: Villa C.

    The construction of Villa C. has been progressing steadily. Recently a truck load of beautiful white marble for the bathrooms and corridors has been delivered directly from Italy.

  • Exhibition: Frans Hals Museum

    Today a small exhibition designed by SO-IL of the proposals for the renovation of Frans Hals Museum Hof and Hal has been opened by Ann Demeester, director of the museum. You can visit the exhibition till the end of September in location Hof.

  • MEESVISSER moved!

    We moved into our new office space. You’re welcome for a cup of coffee at Abram Dudok van Heelstraat 3 in Amsterdam. An opening party will follow after the summer.

  • Recycle: office furniture

    No glue, no screw. We re-used the old underlayment flooring boards of our new office space into a set of stools and tables, as part of our effort to minimise our environmental impact.

  • On site: Boerejongens

    The renovation of the former office building for the new high-end shop of Amsterdam Genetics / Boerejongens is almost finished (project page). Opening of this shiny jewel is expected soon.

  • New Project: Hotel NO

    MEESVISSER has been commissioned for the design of a new 75 room hotel in a former office building in Amsterdam Duivendrecht. We aim to combine the roughness of the existing exterior with a warm and tactile interior of the rooms.

  • Study: Ikalto Academy

    The New Ikalto Academy envisions a new world class boarding school on a beautiful site above the village Ikalto in Georgia. We conducted an architectural study, exploring the sites potential qualities and programme. The study aspires to be the start

  • Update: Fluor Haarlem

    We submitted the concept design for Fluor in Haarlem. Together with Tank and van Dongen Koschuch we are re working on on the first phase of Schalkwijk Midden in Haarlem. In total it consists of approximately 30.000sqm of residential and

  • On site: Amerongen

    Recently the renovation of the Farmhouse in Amerongen has gone on-site. The house was built in 1778 and is listed as a national heritage monument. With this renovation we open up the old barn again, after it became rather clogged through a series of adaptations in the eighties.

  • New project: house on Centrumeiland

    We have been commissioned for the design of a single family house on ‘IJburg Centrumeiland’. It is to become a light, open and energy neutral and sustainable house for a family of four.

  • Invited competition in Chile

    Together with Tom Frantzen (Frantzen et al) we have been invited for an international competition to design the new headquarters of Arauco in Chile.

  • For the perfect picture

    We recently commissioned Peter Tijhuis to make a series of photos of the recently finished KBF-atrium. He goes to great lengths to take the perfect shot!

  • Modular conference room

    Our new conference room is ready for use! The design by Studio JVM is based on a modular system and built up from plywood boxes.

  • Office opening: party time!

    We celebrated the opening of our new office space and updated website launch with over 100 friends, family, colleagues, clients and business contacts. We’re proud to share what we have been building up over the last few years.

  • Finished project: KBF Atrium

    Our first actual building, the atrium for the Kauwgomballenfabriek in Amsterdam, has been delivered. The steel construction was prefabricated based upon a 3d scan of the existing building and, after a few hammer blows, fitted like a glove. More information on the project page.

  • New project: Bloemendaal

    We are commissioned for a small extension of a house in Bloemendaal. The main question being how to create maximum contact with the surrounding nature and spectacular view.

  • Update: Short Stay Sloten

    Recently the building permit for the short stay apartment building in Sloten has been granted and the on site work started with demolishing the existing buildings. We finished the working drawings recently and construction work will start early 2019.

  • New project: Hotel Dachstein

    In collaboration with Tom Frantzen (Frantzen et al), we have been invited to design the renovation and extension of a hotel in the Austrian Alps.

  • Finished project: Boerejongens

    The construction of latest branch of the high-end coffeeshop Amsterdam Genetics / Boerejongens in Amsterdam Sloterdijk has been finished recently. With a fresh new look we expanded on their brand-identity of high quality shops around town. More information on the project page.

  • On site: Amerongen

    The construction work on the Farmhouse in Amerongen is progressing rapidly. The spatial quality of opening up the historical barn is really amazing and gives the house a whole new feel. More information on the project page.

  • Office tradition: friday lunch

    Every Friday we enjoy a nice self-cooked diner by one of our staff. A nice way to end the week and a good tradition to cherish even in busy times. If you feel like a good lunch, drop us a line and you’re welcome to join in.

  • Second round: Kavel 6 Oostenburg

    We’re happy to have been selected to enter the second stage of the design competition for social housing for starters and elderly residents on Kavel 6, Oostenburg. A project commissioned by housing corporation Stadgenoot.

  • New project: housing in Reeuwijk

    We have been commissioned for the design of a cluster of houses in Reeuwijk. Situated on a plot surrounded by water, the houses enclose a collective square and each have a strong relation to the water.

  • Happy New Year

    We wish you all the best for 2019! For those not on our mailing list please find our latest news letter here. If you want to subscribe, drop us a line at

  • Update: Fluor Haarlem

    The preliminary design phase for Fluor has started. We are working on the first phase of Schalkwijk Midden in Haarlem. Our share of the project consists of 41 apartments, 10 town houses, 8 loft apartments, commercial space and a parking garage along the Europaweg.

  • Update: start dd phase BSH 4a

    We recently started the detail design phase for the social housing project on kavel 4a in Buiksloterham, Amsterdam Noord. A project with approx. 90 apartments ranging from 25-50 sqm.

  • On site: Short Stay Sloten

    Today the first piles went in for the 36 short stay apartments in Amsterdam Sloten. A project that strikes a balance between vernacular elements and contemporary detailing, to make it within the old village at current times.

  • Update: Kavel 6 Oostenburg

    Today the winners were announced of the design competition for starters and elderly housing. Unfortunately we didn’t win, but we’re proud of our proposal Living Apart Together, that combines individual needs with a collective quality in a scheme with maximum programmatic flexibility.

  • On site: Frequin office

    Another project on-site! Foundation works for the office of video production company FREQUIN have started. See the project page for more info here.

  • Publication: Boerejongens

    Our design for the most beautiful coffeeshop in town has been published in AIT jan/feb 2019 issue with images of Peter Tijhuis. “With the new coffeeshop designed by MEESVISSER, the operator now proves that there are alternatives that improve her line of business!”

  • New project: ODW 128

    A renovation of a private house in Amsterdam Sloten. Originally built in the twenties, extensively changed in the sixties and extended in the seventies, this renovation aims to clear the clutter and reorganise spaces in order to maximise the houses’ relationship with it’s exeptionally beautiful green surroundings.

  • Finished project: Villa C.

    The last few things have been finalised on Villa C. A complete overhaul of this 70’s bungalow changed it from an introverted and rather dark house into a light and open patio villa. We owe much to the whole team involved, designers and builders, which together executed the design sharp a razor blade.

  • Update: IJburg house

    The detail design for the single family house on IJburg is finished. Currently the selection of a suitable contractor is on it’s way and we’re preparing the submission of the building permit. If all goes well, construction will start september 1st.

  • Study: micro living apartments

    For a German developer we are currently working on a concept for a range of micro apartments to be built in Berlin, Düsseldorf and München. Based upon our earlier work in this field we developed a super compact setup that fulfils all the practical needs and by that maximises comfort and living space.

  • On site: Frequin office

    The steel construction for the new head office of  FREQUIN has been assembled on site. See the project page for more info here.

  • Internship position available!

    We have an internship position (paid) available for a period of six months, starting asap. We’re currently working on a wide range of projects, from large scale housing to high-end interiors and we offer a nice working environment with lots to learn!. More information on how to apply on our office page.

  • On site: Short Stay Sloten

    Another project with rapid progress on site. Concrete work is almost done. The first prefabricated facade elements have been placed on the ground floor. More info on the project here.

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Via onze website worden cookies geplaatst van het Amerikaanse bedrijf Google, als deel van de “Analytics”-dienst. Wij gebruiken deze dienst om bij te houden en rapportages te krijgen over hoe bezoekers de website gebruiken. Deze verwerker is mogelijk verplicht op grond van geldende wet- en regelgeving inzage te geven in deze gegevens. Wij hebben Google niet toegestaan de verkregen analytics-informatie te gebruiken voor andere Google diensten.

Cookies van derde partijen
In het geval dat softwareoplossingen van derde partijen (Woocommerce ) gebruik maken van cookies is dit vermeld in deze privacyverklaring.

Wijzigingen in het privacybeleid
Wij behouden te allen tijde het recht ons privacybeleid te wijzigen. Op deze pagina vindt u echter altijd de meest recente versie. Als het nieuwe privacybeleid gevolgen heeft voor de wijze waarop wij reeds verzamelde gegevens met betrekking tot u verwerken, dan brengen wij u daarvan per e-mail op de hoogte.


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